In these difficult and trying times, it is hard to find pharmacies that are willing to fill prescriptions for safe and effective medications. The following compounding pharmacies are licensed in several states and can safely ship your prescriptions to you.

If you are a pharmacy that would like to be listed, contact us and let us know.

**NOTE: We no longer recommend Lela Pharmacy as they are participating in administering the Covid-19 vaccines to children.**

Partell Specialty Pharmacy

5835 S. Eastern avenue #101
Las Vegas NV 89119
Phone number:  702-791-3800
Fax number. 702.791.3630

*** COVID-19 specific Call Center ***
For existing prescriptions, issues, and referrals
Phone number: 702-432-7433
Fax number: 702.975.4405

Licensed and can ship to 44 states

All states EXCEPT the following: Alabama, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington, DC.