UPDATE: The most recent study by Oxford University (randomized control trial) showed a 90% reduction in hospitalization for people with COVID.

Below are a just a few of the hundreds of doctor and patient success stories using inhaled budesonide. For a list of Dr. Bartlett’s speaking engagements, go to the Media page.

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Video or Audio Testimonials

Written Patient Testimonials

James M. Lloyd, Esq.

I tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, July 7.  I had some symptoms on Sunday, July 5,  and then a bad cough, deep bronchial hacking by Monday, July 6,  so I went to urgent care and was told the “great” news.   I’m 62 years old, and except for being slightly  overweight, am in good health; although I have a history of bronchitis.

Once the symptoms took hold, it was hell; I could only cough, not breathe.  My breathing became faster and shallower. On Saturday I thought I was drowning, unable to breathe.

I saw a video by Dr. Richard Bartlett from Texas saying that an anti-inflammatory steroid Budesonide was working for his patients with Covid 19.   

On Sunday an urgent care doctor (via zoom) refused to prescribe Budesonide.  I received no explanation, just “I don’t prescribe that.” Rather she prescribed Qvar, an anti-inflammatory  inhaler,  not budesonide.  It did not do a thing.  My breathing was a pattern of breathe in, cough out, for hours.  

On Sunday I begged the same doctor to prescribe it, and instead got an albuterol inhaler. Again, No relief.

On Monday, after nearly (and only half in jest) threatening a malpractice lawsuit if I died (my primary care doctor knows I’m a lawyer)  I convinced my primary care to prescribe budesonide.  He also prescribed albuterol liquid and a nebulizer.  

On Tuesday, July 14, at 1:00 pm my O2 level was 81%, and I started the Budesonide (the pharmacy had to order it and it took a day to get it), using a double dose every hour for 4 hours. After 4 hours I was able to breathe without coughing every breath.  A miracle in my book. My O2 level jumped to 91%. I continued to improve and on July 27, I tested negative and again on July 30.

This treatment worked for me. I thank god I watched that video.  I believe Dr. Bartlett saved my life. God bless him.   

Strangely the video that I saw, which I believe saved my life, was removed from YouTube due to an alleged improper dissemination of Covid treatment. Once I found out that the video was removed, I expressed my horror and absolute disdain with YouTube for not only violating the constitutional rights of free speech in this country but exercising censorship for those who have contracted the virus but did not know about Budesonide.

I was also very surprised to hear Dr. Fauci state in an interview with Matthew McConaughey (leaving aside how Matthew McConaughey has the medical or even journalistic background to interview Dr. Fauci) that Budesonide had no effect and was just a placebo. I sent an email to Dr. Fauci requesting an explanation because Budesonide worked for me l, but have not had a response; no surprise there. If Budesonide is a placebo then I pray to God that every medicine I take from now until the end of my life has the same placebo effect as budesonide.

If I had not seen the video of Dr. Bartlett‘s success and if I had not had the wherewithal to fight, to advocate, and finally to demand that I be prescribed the budesonide, I believe that I would have been in the hospital on a ventilator and probably would not be writing this letter.  

Managed care in United States is in a deplorable state. My cousin resigned his practice in Louisville Kentucky because he became merely an administrator and not a treater of illness.  

I remain shocked that the Budesonide treatment has not been more widely circulated.  I am a logical person trained to get to the bottom of things, trained to be precise and to state my case in front of  a jury. I’m no conspiracy theorist but I would not have a very difficult time in convincing a jury that something is rotten in the state of medicine in this country. It is beyond belief that successful protocols are not disseminated among treating physicians. It borders on the criminal to think that successful protocols from hands-on treating physicians are not disseminated among other treating physicians, particularly those who are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. Rather, informational videos and informational websites that would at least give people who have Covid or who have loved ones who have Covid ammunition to fight this virus are censored, banned or deleted.


If I had started Budesonide the day I tested positive I believe my course would have been far far easier.  

Marianne T

Having had Covid twice – yes, twice – I can tell you this works! I can also tell you the antibodies only last from 6-8 weeks or maybe 3 months. The first time I had it was in mid-March and I ended up in the hospital in a negative pressure room. I literally thought I was dying from heart failure.

The second time my son came home from college in July and was positive for Covid. He ate every meal in his room, was not very ill and wore a mask if he left the room. We were very careful and I thought I had antibodies. Wrong!!! Anyway, I saw a video from a doctor in Midland regarding the use of that drug with a nebulizer. I called the ER doctor and he prescribed it for me. I cannot tell you or even describe the difference it made with easy treatments for 2-2 ½ days. IT WORKS!!!

A dear friend of mine’s mother who is in poor health, 76 yrs old with congestive heart failure survived Covid and swears by it and the nebulizer. The nebulizer gets the medicine deep into your lungs and is so easy to use. I tell this story often so people know that it works!!!

Eddie A

I reached out to Dr. Watkins for help. Both of my parents fell gravely ill to Covid-19, and my siblings and I were at Crossroads with having them both treated at a hospital. Fortunately, at the same time all this is happening, a good friend of mine told me about Dr. Bartlett and the budesonide treatment. As no stranger to asthma treatments myself, i recognized the name and immediately looked into it. As any son/daughter would do, we collectively decided to get my parents on the “protocol” treatment and now it’s been two weeks since my parents are back to health. Both with pre-existing conditions and yet full recovery. No need of any ventilator or medical attention. I just really want to get this out there and let people know that there is an alternative and not only rely on the hospitals as the only form of treatment. Even if no one hears or reads this I thank Dr. Bartlett and especially thank you Dr. Watkins for taking my call late that afternoon, my family is eternally grateful. 

Laurie P

My dad had Covid and was in bad shape. We were terrified. My friend Holly sent me the information on the “silver bullet” treatment (budesonide). We immediately contacted the doctor that offers this treatment. I’m convinced that this most likely saved his life.

Gabrielle M

My family is battling Covid-19 here in West Texas and we quickly got on the Dr. Bartlett treatment! It has worked wonders for us and we have only encountered very MILD symptoms!

Raine L

My mom and I both started treatment Day 1 of symptoms. My dad’s symptoms were not typical COVID (at all). We likely started him day 9ish and by then he had already become very ill. We truly did not even think COVID. He has been intubated for 31 days now (trying to wean), and my mom and I suffered VERY mild symptoms which I know are because we did Bioxin and Budesonide. Early intervention is key. I know it. This treatment needs to be shouted from the mountain tops!!

I’m spreading like wildfire the key is doing this early. My dads hospital will not do it now. He is intubated on a vent. They will not do nebulized treatments in the hospital because of the risk to the nurses. Get on this as soon as you can!!! Don’t sit around and wait!! Doing this will keep you OUT of the hospital. I got on it day 1 and Covid literally never even made it past my throat. Don’t sit around and wait like the government tells us to. Unfortunately, we didn’t recognize my dad as Covid and it was too late.

Update on Raine’s dad – he was in a hospital on a ventilator for well over a month. The hospital released him to a rehab place and they are using budesonide! And he is getting better!

Shawn & Eric R

Our brother Patrick got help from another doctor. He passed on June 29, 2020. Dr Bartlett helped the rest of our family survive – which in total was about 16 positive cases.

People go into the hospitals because they can’t breathe, not because of the fever or body aches or any of the other symptoms. It’s only because they can’t breathe. Budesonide will take care of that and there won’t be a problem. It’s not a cure for coronavirus but it will keep you from going to the hospital. It saved myself and my entire family with the exception of one brother, who used a different doctor and he didn’t get budesonide. The people on budesonide are not in the hospital dying.

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