Inhaled budesonide is a safe, generic, inexpensive prescription medication. It is used by millions of people who suffer from asthma every day. It can be prescribed by any doctor or nurse practitioner for respiratory symptoms (FDA-approved). Budesonide is so safe that it is in some over-the-counter nasal sprays such as Rhinocort. 

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UPDATE: The most recent study by Oxford University (randomized control trial) showed a 90% reduction in hospitalization for people with COVID.

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Quotes about Budesonide and Covid …

“…I am heartened that a relatively safe, widely available and well studied medicine such as an inhaled steroid [budesonide] could have an impact on the pressures we are experiencing during the pandemic.”
Professor Mona Bafadhel of Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford

“It’s enough for me to know that I’m not putting tubes in people’s throats, knowing that they might not ever get them out.”  
Andrea Malcolm, Critical Care Provider, Frio Regional Hospital 

“…but if we keep 60 percent of people out of hospital (using budesonide), then, well, that’s the kind of thing we throw a barbecue over.”
Dr. Dan Nicolau, Covid researcher, University of Oxford

“For days I thought I was going to pass. Within hours of taking the budesonide treatments from home, I knew I was going to pull through. Second day I felt better. Third day I felt much better. On the eighth day I felt fabulous. On the tenth day, I tested negative. And now I have been able to help others.”
Francisco Bejarano, Covid survivor

“If I had not seen the video of Dr. Bartlett‘s success and if I had not had the wherewithal to fight, to advocate, and finally to demand that I be prescribed the budesonide, I believe that I would have been in the hospital on a ventilator and probably would not be writing this letter.”
James Lloyd, Covid survivor

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