Dr. Bartlett’s Speaking Engagements, Interviews and More

Below are a just a a sampling of Dr. Bartlett’s speaking engagements, presentations, Interviews, panel guest or mentions. If you are interested in interviewing him, you can contact us and we will pass it onto him. This is not his website, but we do communicate with him.

Recent Interviews

  1. Ebola, Disease X: Be Prepared with Dr. Richard Bartlett (Wellness Superheroes, January 2024)
  2. BREAKING: Colorado Governor Responds To Citizens’ Ebola Outbreak Concerns (The Alex Jones Show, January 2024)
  3. IN FOCUS: FDA: Ebola Vaccine Sheds 31.7% & Release of COVID VAERS with Dr. Richard Bartlett – OAN (OAN, January 2024)
  4. BREAKING: Hospitals Injecting Staff With Live Ebola Vaccine That Sheds In Colorado, Warns Doctor (The Alex Jones Show, January 2024)

Interviews or Segments on Del Bigtree”s The Highwire

  1. Episode 347: Vaccine Experts Under Oath (November 2023)
  2. “Silver Bullet” Protocol for Covid Validated Two Years After Attacked (May 2023)
  3. Episode 231: Feast of Consequences (Nov 2021)
  4. Is Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Saving Lives? (Sept 2021)

Additional Interviews or Presentations

  1. Follow the Truth with Dr. Richard Bartlett (Wellness Superheroes Interview, September 2023)
  2. Mother of COVID Patient Forced to Wear Bag on Her Head Joins Dr. Bartlett on Infowars to Speak Out (InfoWars Interview, October 2021)
  3. Dr. Richard Bartlett on Lessons for Future Pandemics (Women for Freedom Summit, Fall 2022)
  4. How Dr Richard Bartlett’s Discovery of Budesonide to Combat Covid-19 Saved Countless Lives (Matt Couch Interview)
  5. Doctor Richard Bartlett | How to Successfully and Affordably Treat COVID-19 Patients (Reawaken America – Phoenix – January 2022)
  6. Rand Paul mentions Dr. Bartlett on Glen Beck (Glenn Beck Show January 2022)
  7. Dr. Bartlett and Rand Paul on Early Treatment (Radio interview on KEWL – January 2022)
  8. Mel K Interviews Dr. Bartlett (The Mel K Show – December 2021)
  9. Dr. Richard Bartlett | This Doctor Is Killing the Spirit of Fear While Saving Thousands of Lives (Rewaken America – Dallas – December 2021)
  10. Doctor Richard Bartlett | Budesonide Works (Rewaken America – San Antonio – November 2021)
  11. Dr. Bartlett Responds to Howard Stern’s Budesonide Lies (The Alex Jones Show, October 2021)
  12. Dr. Bartlett Speaks in Anaheim California on His Winning Strategy (Rewaken America – Anaheim – Tour 2021)
  13. Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Alex Watkins on Budesonide’s Success with Covid (Radio Interview – March 2021)
  14. Budesonide Strategy for COVID Symptoms (Hollywood Director Interviews Dr. Richard Bartlett – October 2020)
  15. Nebulized Steroids (Budesonide) Talk with Dr. Mobeen (YouTube – August 2020)

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