There are many people who are still suffering from lingering issues from having Covid, commonly referred to as Long Haulers Syndrome. The symptoms are also very similar to some side effects of the jab. These symptoms include brain fog, exhaustion, breathing issues, heart problems, intestinal issues and joint pain among many other symptoms.

Included in this page are overall suggestions for long haulers as well as a list of providers who specialize in supporting patients with lingering issues.

All suggestions on this page are directly from providers in our network who are currently treating long haulers and/or they are products or protocols we have used ourselves and they have worked for us and our loved ones.

**As always, run everything by your healthcare provider to ensure that it does not interfere with anything else going on with you. See full medical disclaimer at the bottom of each page.**

Overall Long Haulers Suggestions

Below are some basic suggestions for long haul support.

  1. Try wearable light technology patches. We have had much luck personally healing long Covid symptoms with specific patches (x39, x49, Glutathione and Aeon).
  2. Check our Wellness Toolkit for suggested solutions.
  3. Do an internal cleanse or detox such as the harmful organism cleanse. This cleanse helps detoxify your system and supports your immune system and has helped many people get completely well.
  4. Find a provider who treats long haulers (providers listed below) to see what ongoing protocols may be right for you.
  5. Consider the Long Haul Membership at Synergy Health here.
  6. Consider a membership to a wellness place that has IV therapies especially targeted for long haulers such as Restore Hyper Wellness.

Natural Protocols

If you are interested in our upcoming solutions/programs for both Long Haulers and “Jab Detox,” complete our health needs survey so we can best address your issues. You may also consider completing our new Covid Fallout survey here to address emotional health and other ongoing issues as a result of the pandemic.

Long Haul Medical Providers

Below are medical providers (doctors and nurse practitioners) who are currently treating Long Haulers Syndrome (long Covid, lingering symptoms from Covid). Some of these providers may also be able to help with the side effects of the shots. Contact them to confirm. The providers listed below do a combination of modalities, including traditional, integrative, functional, IV therapies and frequency medicine.

Keep in mind we have NO business association with any of these providers. We merely provide access to them. Patients are responsible for personally vetting any provider. Each state’s regulations are different, and every provider has their own intake process, policies and fees. All communication is between you and the provider.

If you are a provider who treats long haulers and want to be added to our network, complete the form here.

Provider NameStates Licensed inPhoneEmail/Website
Rafael F CruzEvery state except Ohio, Oregon, Wash DCSee Website For information on Telehealth Consultations Click Here
Noah GudelAlabama, Florida, Tennessee(203)
Jim MeehanArizona Arkansas California Colorado Florida Georgia Illinois Iowa Kansas Michigan Missouri Nebraska New Jersey New Mexico New York Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Texas918-600-2240
Jeffrey WintonArizona(480)
Patricia TraffordArizona(480)
Brian JohnsonColorado, TexasEmail
Robban SicaConnecticut, New Hampshire(203)
Noah GudelAlabama, Florida,
Marilyn SmithFlorida(561)
Michael CarterFlorida,
Gina ResslerOklahoma(419)
John RolandTexasSee
Brian JohnsonTexas(903)
Alexandria WatkinsTexas(432) 466-5558Live Well Med Solutions
Jamie GuydenTexasSee
(Focuses on natural protocols)
Shawn HarrisTexasUse Website or
Matthew LeeVirginiaSee

***Medical disclaimer: This website was created for informational purposes only and has no ties to any drug company or physician. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. In addition, no one involved in this website has financial ties to any of the suggested therapies. We are merely patient advocates, trying to save lives and fight medical censorship.***