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Our Success

Watch our recent podcast about our experience and the vast improvements of our Long Covid symptoms using these patches! We have had much luck personally with long Covid symptoms with specific patches (x39, x49, Glutathione and Aeon).

We are personally overwhelmed by the difference these patches have made in our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We have had miraculous results so we want to share with the world this innovative technology that allows your body to repair itself!

What are these patches?

These patches are a form of wearable lightwave technology – they reflect back your own light that triggers processes in your body to repair, restore and rejuvenate. They harness the body’s natural energy to reverse aging and maximize human potential. 


How do these patches work?

The patches are activated by your own body’s light frequencies such as infrared that we cannot see with our eyes. Each patch is designed to specifically elevate a normally occurring peptide that our bodies produce. Because of the different  structural formation and pattern of the different crystal lattice structures, each patch reflects a different frequency back into our body, thereby activating the production of specific useful and beneficial peptides that in turn activate different pathways in our bodies for long term better health and function!

For example, the X39 patch activates the GHK-cu copper peptide, which activates your own dormant stem cells to repair and restore the body to a younger, healthier state. 

How to Order the Patches

  1. Go here to learn how to order (or watch the video).
  2. Order through this website.
  3. Need help ordering or want us to place your order? Schedule a zoom or call with us and we can quickly assist you.
  4. Not sure which pack to choose? – contact us and we can quickly enroll you at the level most beneficial to your needs. Or schedule a zoom to go over your options.

Learn More

The Patching Website

To learn more about the patches, go here to the website we built. It includes the history, science, product information, how to order, how to use them, tips, success stories, product videos and tons of resources.


Attend a Patching Podcast to Hear Live Success Stories

To attend a patching podcast to hear some live success stories, register for the daily zoom here. These zooms usually run no longer than 30 minutes and include two testimonials.

Schedule a Call with Us

For questions or to inquire if the patches can help you (whether you or your clients), schedule a a call with us here. We can help you place an order as well.

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