If you have symptoms or tested positive, we urge you to first contact your own doctor to prescribe. If they are skeptical, send them to this website and review the studies under the Validation tab and doctor and patient testimonials under the Stories tab.

If you cannot find a doctor, try contacting one of the telemedicine providers below. Telemedicine means a doctor or nurse practitioner consults and treats you by phone or video appointment so you do not have to leave your house. The telemedicine providers below are familiar with the protocol utilizing Budesonide + nebulizer. Contact one in your area if you need help.

If there is not one listed in your area, contact us as some providers have chosen to be listed privately.

If you cannot find a provider to help you, you might try synergyhealthdpc.com or speakwithanmd.com. They both have a vast network of telemedicine doctors who may be able to help you. Although they may use different protocols other than budesonide.

Keep in mind we have NO business association with any of these providers. Patients are responsible for personally vetting any provider.

For providers: we need providers for our network! If you are a provider currently using or are familiar with this protocol and want to be added to our provider network, complete the form. You can choose to be added publicly on the site or added to our private network in which we only give out your information to individuals who contact us privately for assistance. Contact us here for any questions.


Forrest Lanchbury MD
(928) 282-2520


Jose Cillinani D.O. 
Santa Ana, CA
(714) 541-5252


Forrest Lanchbury MD
(928) 282-2520


Forrest Lanchbury MD
(928) 282-2520


Dr. Alexandria Watkins 
(432) 268-3773

White Integrated Health Care Clinics
Ft. Worth, TX
(817) 349-7541

Big Spring Urgent Care 
Shawn Harris APRN, FNP-c
www.bigspringurgentcare.com (register on website for quicker service)
(432) 264-1911

If there is not a provider in your area or you cannot get ahold of a provider, please try speakwithanmd.com. They have a vast network of telemedicine doctors that can help you.